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    Replace field based testing with Softdel's Automated Test Framework A client reduced time spent on customer issues from 20 hours per week to less than 1 hour per week


    Smart and connected embedded devices are an essential part of smart devices used in diverse industries. These devices serve multiple purposes such as smart sensors, networking, connectivity, remote monitoring, control and more. Interoperability, scalability and upgrades add to the complexity of these devices and accentuate the need for robust testing before certification and deployment.


    The most efficient way to to address the complexity of the testing phase is by using automated testing that achieves full test coverage. Softdel’s Automated Test Framework is designed to do just that. Rigorous testing ensures consistent performance of the device and helps embedded device manufacturers reduce their time to market.

    Softdel has extensive experience and expertise testing embedded devices for building automation, industrial and process automation, smart lighting, oil and gas, retail and automotive products. It has used this expertise to develop a device agnostic Test Automation Framework to test a range of embedded devices. The tester friendly tool supports different types of testing, including regression, functional, integration, system, acceptance and smoke testing.

    Framework Components


    • GUI/Command line interface

    • Automated test scripts

    • Automated firmware update

    • Automated bug tracking

    • Alarms, test reports

    • Selective testing

    • Device troubleshooting

    Supported Devices

    • Scalable to any embedded device

    • Supports IoT protocols (CoAP), Modbus, Ethernet/IP, TCP/IP, USB, RS232/485/422, I2C, SPI

    • Scalable to support CAN and OPC



    Reusable components and scalable architecture to support multiple product lines

    Test Converge

    Full test coverage, ensure consistent device performance, reduce time to market


    Quick customization and adaptation as per customer specifications


    Supports integration with 3rd party tools and devices

    CASE STUDY // Test Automation Framework

    Automated testing of smart and connected lighting

    Client : Leading US based manufacturer of indoor and outdoor LED luminaries

    Automated Testing of Flow Computers

    Client : Leading American Oil & Gas company

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