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    Helping lighting OEMs to make their lighting solutions Intelligent, Energy Efficient and Connected.


    The growth of smart lighting is primarily driven by the growing need for energy efficiency, increasing support by government and awareness among the building owners. Traditional Lighting controls consumes approximately 40% energy. Gartner predicts that smart lighting has the potential to reduce energy costs by 90 percent.

    SoftDEL has been helping global lighting OEMs across the key phases of lighting solution development. We understand trends, challenges, technology possibilities across commercial building lighting, industrial lighting, stage lighting; this has helped us to bring unique value propositions for our customers. Some of our key service offerings include hardware/software engineering, IoT/connectivity protocols, application development and testing.

    SoftDEL Offerings

    Lighting OEMs have been focusing on delivering more business value to their end-customers in terms of better energy savings.

    SoftDEL with its extensive experience across design, development and validation of Lighting End-Point Firmware, backed by deep domain expertise, reusable assets, services accelerators, helps Lighting OEMs across their product development and sustenance initiatives.

    Our Services
    • Firmware development Lighting Devices
    • RTOS & Chipset integration
    • RTOS & Chipset integration
    • LED Drivers development for Luminaries with Dimming
    • Features implementation – Daylight Harvesting, Dimming, Occupancy Sensing, CCT
    • Firmware Upgrade

    Intelligent, Energy Efficient, connected are some of the major growth drivers in lighting industry. Lighting OEMs are migrating from traditional lighting systems to intelligent and connected lighting solutions.

    SoftDEL, with its extensive experience across advanced connectivity protocols across industrial, building lighting domains, backed by product development capabilities, reusable frameworks, end-to-end services, helps Lighting OEMs across their connectivity related initiatives.

    SoftDEL Offerings

    • Wired and Wireless Interface
    • Standard Interface Protocol implementation- BACnet, Modbus, ZigBee, 802.11, 802.15.4, Bluetooth(LE)
    • Power over Ethernet (PoE) support
    • Lighting Protocols Stack – DALI, DMX-512
    • Secured communication
    • Native IoT connectivity protocols support e.g. MQTT, Thread, CoAP
    • Develop Lighting Gateway supporting MQTT, Thread, CoAP, BACnet

    In the recent times, the need of connectivity & data analytics has been exponentially growing in lighting industry. Lighting OEMs are looking for lighting management application solutions that could bring energy reports and dashboards, customization flexibility.

    SoftDELhas been helping Lighting OEMs across application development life cycle. We provide application development and testing services.

    SoftDEL Offerings

    • PC/Web Based Lighting Control and Monitoring Application Development
    • Lighting Mobile Application Development
    • Lighting API Development for 3rd party application integration
    • Advanced analytics based application like smart space management
    • Features implementation – Firmware upgrade, Zone Control, Wireless Control, Secured Control, Scheduling, Power Monitoring Dashboards
    • Product validation, Independent Test lab setup
    • System testing including performance and scalability
    • Test automation

    CASE STUDY// Smart Lighting

    PoE based Smart Lighting Solution

    Client : A leading US-based manufacturer of indoor and outdoor LED luminaires

    Automated Testing of Smart and Connected Lighting

    Client : Leading US-based manufacturer of indoor and outdoor LED luminaires

    Buildings IoT

    Client : a leading US-based building management company, providing the highest quality control products and services to HVAC industry

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