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    Helping smart building OEMs to deliver better experience, improve operational efficiency, & gain sustained performance


    Proliferation in communication technologies and convergence of IoT are the major driving factors of building automation’s market growth. The key value proposition of Building Automation OEMs to their end-customers, is to provide energy efficient, safe & secure building management solutions.

    SoftDEL’s experience and technical capabilities are both deep and broad in building automation. We offer end-to-end services that are well suited to business needs of Building Automation OEMs.

    SoftDEL Offerings

    In our rapidly developing world, new technologies, solutions and products are launched every day. Advanced communication protocols are needed for communication between the evolving technologies.

    Industry bodies like BACnet International have set specific communication protocol standards for different devices used in building and industrial automation.

    Global players have to make their products compliant with such communication protocol standards. Some of the predominant communication protocols include BACnet, ZigBee, lighting protocols

    Our Services
    • Stack integration with OEM application
    • Customized protocol development / maintenance
    • Standard protocol implementation (BACnet, Modbus, ZigBee, BLE, DALI, DMX-512)
    • Native IoT connectivity protocols support e.g. MQTT, Thread, CoAP

    The growth of smart lighting is primarily driven by the growing need for energy efficiency, increasing support by government and awareness among the building owners. Traditional Lighting controls consumes approximately 40% energy. Gartner predicts that smart lighting has the potential to reduce energy costs by 90 percent.

    SoftDEL has been helping global lighting OEMs across the key phases of lighting solution development. We understand trends, challenges, technology possibilities across commercial building lighting, industrial lighting, stage lighting; this has helped us to bring unique value propositions for our customers. Some of our key service offerings include hardware/software engineering, IoT/connectivity protocols, application development and testing.

    Our Services

    Lighting End-Point Firmware Development
    • Firmware development Lighting Devices
    • RTOS & Chipset integration
    • LED Drivers development for Luminaries with Dimming
    • Features implementation – Daylight Harvesting, Dimming, Occupancy Sensing, CCT
    • Firmware Upgrade

    Connectivity Enablement Services
    • Wired and Wireless Interface
    • Standard Interface Protocol implementation- BACnet, Modbus, ZigBee, 802.11, 802.15.4, Bluetooth(LE)
    • Power over Ethernet (PoE) support
    • Lighting Protocols Stack – DALI, DMX512
    • Secured communication
    • Native IoT connectivity protocols support e.g. MQTT, Thread, CoAP
    • Develop Lighting Gateway supporting MQTT, Thread, CoAP, BACnet

    Management Application Development, & Testing
    • PC/Web Based Lighting Control and Monitoring Application Development
    • Lighting Mobile Application Development
    • Lighting API Development for 3rd party application integration
    • Advanced analytics-based application like smart space management
    • Features implementation – Firmware upgrade, Zone Control, Wireless Control, Secured Control, Scheduling, Power Monitoring
    • Product validation, Independent Test lab setup
    • System testing including performance and scalability
    • Test automation

    Standardization has been compelling OEMs to adopt protocols like BACnet, ZigBee and HART in their products. However, the ever-changing business, standards and the technology landscape need constant updating of protocol knowledge.

    SoftDEL offers a structured core BACnet training course with optional custom designed modules for product developers, test engineers, field engineers, and technicians. Our customized programs are based on our customer’s requirements.

    We help OEMs to understand the BACnet standard for any applications with Q&A responses, understanding documents based on specific requirements.

    For newcomers to the BACnet field, BACnet standards can be too vast and complex to understand and implement. SoftDEL can help you with our detailed BACnet training course.

    Training Agenda

    Core Program (3 Days)
    • Basic concepts (BACnet architecture, objects, services, data types)
    • Overview of BACnet profiles, tools, debugging techniques

    Advanced Program (5 Days)
    • Core program along with hands-on using BOSS tool
    • Detailed Framework of Scheduling, Trending, Alarms & Events, BBMD
    • BACnet device testing & certification process
    • Customized training modules as per requirement

    Global industry players have been re-imagining technological possibilities to make their product line better, stronger and most importantly “connected”!

    SoftDEL provides a solution to OEMs who want to make their existing products BACnet compliant. This can be done with the integration of SoftDEL’s stack into the OEMs’ solutions.

    SoftDEL has been providing stack integration services to leading OEMs across their building automation products. OEM needs right engineering skills & know-how about protocols, this is why OEMs engage with SoftDEL. We have integrated protocol stack across variety of devices including temperature/pressure sensors, thermostats, flow meters, drives to gateway solutions, advanced work station.

    We have successfully completed BACnet integration on a variety of platforms:
    • Cortex M3 (Home Automation Controller) with WinCE
    • TI’s MSP430 (a flow meter device)
    • PIC18 (a flow meter device)
    • Resensas SH7080 (Industrial Drive)

    Our Services
    • Stack integration (SoftDEL, Third-party, OEM proprietary)
    • Stack Customization and porting
    • Stack maintenance
    • Application and product testing

    The BACnet standard is complex and constantly evolving. Due to this, OEMs face a roadblock not only in getting their BACnet-enabled devices tested and listed but also face interoperability issues with other BACnet devices and networks, post deployment.

    SoftDEL offers BACnet pre-assessment testing services that help OEMs to verify their products’ BACnet compliance, thereby, reducing errors, enabling time and cost saving for the OEMs.

    Through our pre-assessment testing and consulting services, SoftDEL has helped many global OEMs with BACnet devices ranging from B-SS, B- ASC and B- AAC to B- BC and B-AWS profiles.

    Our Services
    • Comprehensive MS/TP and IP test setup
    • Early analysis of issues
    • Troubleshooting and Debugging of BACnet implementations

    Technological advancements across various industry segments enabled transition from legacy products to smart products. However, communication among disparate products running on different network protocols is a major challenge faced by automation OEMs, system integrators.

    The solution to this is Gateway – a device or software module that understands multi-protocols and enables seamless communication between devices running on different protocols.

    SoftDEL has been helping global OEMs for their various needs around gateway design and development.

    Our Services
    • Gateway application development
    • Re-engineering/ maintenance of legacy gateway
    • IoT gateway development

    • Management Application development – Remote Monitoring and Control
    • Mobile Application Development
    • API development and support to enable third-party application integration
    • Advanced analytics-based application

    CASE STUDY// Smart Building

    Buildings IoT

    Client : a leading US-based building management company, providing the highest quality control products and services to HVAC industry

    PoE based Smart Lighting Solution

    Client : A leading US-based manufacturer of indoor and outdoor LED luminaires

    Remote Elevator Monitoring

    Client : One of the world’s foremost provider of elevator and escalator control system

    ZigBee interface for Smart Thermostat

    Client : leading provider of heating, air conditioning and refrigeration systems, building controls & automation solutions.

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