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    Services Overview

    Product Engineering Services from “SILICON” to “PLANT”

    Backed by a strong experience of working with Industrial OEMs, SoftDEL provides comprehensive services across product development lifecycle for many industry verticals including buildings, industrial, lighting, automotive and so on.

    Broadly, our product engineering services include protocol training & consultancy, connectivity protocols enablement, protocol stack integration, gateway development, product design engineering, industrial engineering, software development & testing.

    IoT Services

    With strong experience and expertise in smart & connected product domains, we have been providing a comprehensive set of service offerings across IoT deployment stages (right from consultancy, device connectivity to application development). We have been helping industrial OEMs, system integrators, and IoT platform vendors to unlock business value from IoT.

    Training & Consulting

    We have been providing BACnet training & consultancy to leading OEMs across building automation, home automation, HVAC, flow meters, and energy segment. We offer 3-day BACnet core training and 5-day advance training with optional custom designed modules for product developers, test engineers, field engineers, and technicians.

    Connectivity Protocols

    We have extensive experience across various connectivity standards used in building & home automation, industrial & process automation, lighting segment. We help global OEMs to re-imagine the connectivity technology possibilities to make their products better, stronger and connected.

    Protocol Stack Integration

    Global players have to make their products compliant with various wired and wireless protocol standards. Some of the predominant communication protocols include BACnet, HART, and ZigBee.

    With over 15+ years of experience in building & industrial automation, we have been helping OEMs in integrating protocol stacks into their “next-gen” products to achieve compliance with required connectivity standard.

    Gateway Design & Development

    We have been helping global OEMs for their varied needs around gateway design and development. Our strong experience across connectivity standards helped us to develop gateway solutions that bring seamless connectivity experience.

    Embedded Systems

    Backed by our extensive experience in product design, we have been delivering end-to-end support to OEMs, ensuring high quality and quick time-to-market. Our product engineering services portfolio includes new product development (Hardware design, embedded software development, testing, etc..) and product re-engineering (addition of new features).

    Industrial Engineering

    Our experience and technical capabilities are both deep and broad in industrial & process automation. We offer a range of services that are well suited to business needs of Industrial Automation OEMs. Our service portfolio includes PLC programming, HMI/ SCADA, control system design, asset and plant optimization.

    Software Tool & Application Development

    In ever changing software development landscape, organizations are looking for software tool & application development partners who can co-create and engage strategically and provide higher business value.

    Backed by more than 15 years of experience in delivering software-related services across various industry verticals, we have been helping global OEMs in developing both desktop & web-based tools as well as mobile based applications.

    Testing Services

    Software leakage can lead to product recalls which directly impacts key business imperatives such as cost, time, customer experience, etc. Software test strategies, tools, and techniques must continuously evolve to find new and existing defects, to improve the overall software quality.

    We have been helping OEMs across their testing related requirements. Our testing services portfolio includes software verification, functional validation, communication protocol certification testing and test automation.

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