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    Our core focus & expertise area for more than 15 years


    Industrial Automation assists production processes in delivering maximum throughput, minimizing costs, ensuring fast production, standardizing manufacturing, ensuring product quality, monitoring production, as well as providing reliable and flexible solutions in manufacturing plants.

    The key drivers for market growth are advancements in industrial internet/M2M communication technology, increased focus on efficiency and cost of production, rise in the need for connected supply chain and increased manufacturing

    We have extensive experience in industrial automation domain. We have been closely working with leading manufacturers in Industrial Automation domain, especially in the product development & connectivity. This includes hardware engineering, firmware development, device driver development, protocol stacks, HMI design & development, industrial IoT solutions and custom engineering tools & applications.

    SoftDEL Offerings

    HART (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer Protocol) communication protocol is one of the most widely used industrial automation protocols in the world.

    HART is beneficial because it can communicate over the existing traditional 4-20mA signal by extending system capabilities for a two-way digital communication with ‘smart’ field instruments.

    SoftDEL offers integration services, testing services, FDS Services and DD File Development & Testing Services to automation OEMs.

    Our Services

    • Stack integration with OEM application
    • Custom protocol development / maintenance
    • Standard protocol implementation (HART, Modbus etc.)
    • Native IoT connectivity protocols support e.g. MQTT, Thread, CoAP

    In the recent times, the adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) has been rapidly growing. Global industrial players have been leveraging IoT technology to achieve business transformation, economic growth and competitiveness.

    Connected buildings, connected lighting, connected home, connected cars, connected industry: The list is never-ending. Research says, market for Internet of Things devices will reach nearly 20 billion connected devices by 2020.

    Some of the key use cases in IoT include remote device monitoring and control, predictive maintenance, product personalization, Manufacturing and process automation. SoftDEL services are aligned to these key use cases.

    Our Services

    • IoT Consultancy/Advisory Services
    • Device Connectivity Services
    • IoT Platform Integration Services
    • Application Development Services

    Global electronics OEMs needs continuous innovation and rapid adaptation to fulfill “new-age” product demands. They have faced with multiple challenges in terms of achieving time to market, quality, scalability, cost efficiency and so on.

    Backed by our extensive experience in product design, we have been delivering end-to-end support to OEM customers, ensuring right quality and time-to-market. Our product engineering service portfolio include new product development (Hardware design, Embedded software development, Testing, etc.), product re-engineering (new feature addition).

    Our Services

    New Product Development
    • Hardware design – Schematic, Layout, and Testing
    • Embedded software/Firmware development, Re-engineering
    • Prototyping
    • Value engineering
    • Multiple RTOS expertise including Linux
    • Platform development/porting on Embedded OS
    • Device driver and BSP development
    • Verification & Validation

    Product Re-engineering
    • New feature addition
    • Address customer’s unique requirements like component obsolescence, cost competitiveness, and regulatory mandates

    Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) are being used in revolutionary ways across various industry verticals including consumer electronics, automotive, manufacturing, and so on. Increasing display sizes, display consolidation, information prioritization, remote monitoring and control, smartphone connectivity are some of major trends in this space. OEMs are looking for better HMI solutions to enable standardization, reusability, cost & quality control.

    Backed by 15+ years of strong experience in delivering HMI related services across various industry verticals, SoftDEL helps industrial OEMs from HMI conceptualization to HMI implementation and testing.

    Our Services

    HMI Consulting services
    • Story boarding, User experience (UX) consulting
    • Selection & Evaluation of HMI tool chain, OS/Platform
    • Requirements management

    HMI Development
    • HMI design and Business logic development
    • HMI platform development/porting on Embedded Linux
    • HMI applications development with Multilingual support (Localization)
    • HMI Tools expertise – Qt/QML, HTML5, SVG, QNX, Altia, Linux/Android

    HMI Testing
    • Test requirements
    • Test script development
    • Functional validation
    • Planning and Execution – Manual, Automated

    Software leakage can lead to product recalls which directly impacts key business imperatives such as cost, time, customer experience, etc. Software test strategies, Tools and Techniques must continuously evolve to find new and existing defects, to improve the overall software quality.

    SoftDEL has been helping OEMs across their various needs around testing. Our testing services include strategy development, test management, test execution, test reporting.

    Our Services

    Test Strategy Development
    • Requirements analysis/verification
    • Test strategy, Test plan, Test scripts, and Test case creation
    • Requirements traceability matrix

    Test Management
    • Test cycle planning, scheduling
    • Resource management
    • Monitoring and Control
    • Project status reporting
    • Risk management

    Test Execution
    • Software verification
    • Static code review/analysis
    • Code coverage
    • White box testing
    • Functional validation
    • Feature level functionality validation
    • Pre-Compliance testing
    • Test Automation

    Test Reporting and Analysis
    • Test execution report summary
    • Defect reporting
    • Traceability matrix with test results
    • Comprehensive assessment of release

    CASE STUDY// Industrial

    Automation of Ethanol & Corn Processing Plant

    Client : Leading Corn processing and Ethanol OEM

    Control Module Development for a Drive

    Client : Leading motion and control technology systems OEM

    HART 7 interface for a Flow Meter for the Process Automation

    Client : Leading Flowmeter OEM

    Re-engineering of a Robotic System

    Client : Leading welding robotics OEM

    Operator interface re-engineering

    Client : Leading industrial control OEM

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