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    Integrate enterprise and industrial operations Softdel expertise enables leading US bio-ethanol production plan to reduce downtime and optimize production costs

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    Digitization of manufacturing connects people, devices, machines and enterprises
    Is your automation system designed to deliver tommorow connected factory?

    Industrial automation increases product reliability and quality, without increasing costs. Engineering smart products and automating processes requires specialized technology expertise, expertise that equipment OEMs and engineering companies do not always have in-house. Softdel combines capabilities in IoT and control systems to deliver tailored solutions for industrial automation and energy management.

    IoT Solution

    Global industries leverage IoT technology to achieve business transformation and compititiveness Industrial Iot solutions from Softdel include manufacturing and process automation. remote device monitoring and control and predictive maintenance

    Industrial Automation

    Automation requires a unique combination of domain experience and technology expertise. Techology is a rapidly evolving field. with continuous introduction of new protocols and platforms and revision of existing protocols and standards Softdel uses this technology expertise in PLC, HMI, SCADA and control systems to design and implement end-to-end automation solutions Softdel solutions enable partners to automate manufacturing and process plants.

    Product Design Engineering

    OMEs need continuos innovation and rapid adaptation to maintain cost cometitiveness and create new age products They require quility Human Machine Interface (HMI) solutions that support standardization and reuse. Softdel's embedded solutions portfolio includes new product development and product re-engineering,. enhanced by HMI applications with multilingual support.

    Connectivity Protocols

    For any industry. connectivity is an integral part of automation> HART (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer Protocol) is a widely used communication protocol for industrial automation. Softdel solutions and products help OEMs enhance industrial connectivity through.

    • Readily deployable, royalty free stacks
    • Stack integration with OEM applicatios
    • Custom protocol development and maintenance
    • Standard protocol implementation (HART, MOdbus,etc)
    • Native Iot connectivity protocols support for MQTT, Thread ,CoAP

    Gateway Design and Development

    Communication among disparate products running on different network protocols is a major obstacle in industrial automation. The solution to this is a gateway; a device or software module that understands multiple protocols and enables seamless communication between devices running on different protocols. Softdel's expertise in multiple connectivity protocols makes it an excellent partner for gateway solutions.

    Application Development

    Centralized control and the option for remote monitoring are routed through management applications. In industrial automation these applications monitor flow meters, sensors, actuators, AC/DC drives, energy efficiency, security, safety and so on. Softdel helps co-create tools and applications by supporting manufacturing and process industries throughout the application development life cycle. Applications can be customized for use on local networks or cloud, through PCs, tablets and mobiles.

    Verification and Validation

    Software test strategies and tools must evolve to keep up with new technologies, updated versions and changing industry standards. Softdel’s verification and validation services include strategy development, test management, test execution and test reporting. The company’s expertise in testing services has been leveraged to create a device agnostic Test Automation Framework, which OEMs utilize to automate testing of embedded devices. A client who replaced field based testing with Softdel's Automated Test Framework, reduced time spent on customer issues from 20 hours per week to less than 1 hour per week.

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