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    In today’s rapidly evolving automotive industry, original equipment manufacturers and part suppliers are constantly focusing on key technology trends such as seamless connectivity, driver and passenger comfort and safety, rich user experience, alternate fuels, etc.

    The key business imperatives for both OEMs and Tier1s are to improve predictability (cost, quality and time), increase efficiency in vehicle development process, bring differentiated features, conformance with regulations.

    With over 10 years of experience, SoftDEL has been helping automotive manufacturers across various sub-systems. Our Automotive engineering services portfolio includes MBD and Auto code generation, Product engineering, HMI design & development, ADAS application validation, AUTOSAR services, and testing services.

    SoftDEL Offerings

    ADAS market is being driven due to several factors, including government regulations, consumer awareness about safety and growing demand for connectivity in vehicles. The industry is seeking to leverage the faster advancements in semiconductors, sensors, GPS, cameras, and the associated software.

    Automotive players are facing growing pressure from both customers and regulators to enhance safety features. Increasing focus on safety is compelling automobile manufacturers to make automobiles more intelligent, safe, and connected.

    SoftDEL has been helping automotive tier1 manufacturers across various ADAS applications including lane departure warning, reverse park assist, blind spot detection, forward collision warning and reverse cross objects detection. Our ADAS services portfolio include ADAS test house, Reverse engineering, Development & Maintenance.

    Our Services

    ADAS Test House
    • Test strategy, design, and execution
    • Software code verification
    • System testing
    • Validation of ADAS applications
    • Field tests across various parameters of target vehicle
    • Field events logging and report generation

    Development & Maintenance
    • Application development for field events analysis and parameter logging
    • Algorithm re-engineering, maintenance bug fixing, etc..
    • Migration from legacy code to Model based development and maintenance

    AUTOSAR is becoming increasingly popular and widely adopted in passenger & commercial vehicle segments. It is now being expanded to include even farming equipment’s and off-road vehicles. AUTOSAR plays a key role in the development process and data format to be harmonized with respect to communication protocols and interaction with multiple ECUs in a vehicle network.
    We have been partnered with leading Tier1 suppliers, providing services and solutions right from migration to AUTOSAR, OS porting to Integration and acceptance testing of the ECU.

    Our Services

    • Migration of Legacy software to AUTOSAR Compliant software
    • OS Porting for different microcontrollers
    • Development of AUTOSAR BSW, MCAL and CDD modules
    • Porting Platform Software for different microcontrollers

    The growing demand for features and functionalities in today’s cars is leading to increase in-vehicle electronics and associated software content.

    SoftDEL service offerings portfolio across body electronics applications include MBD & Autocode generation, Product engineering, Software testing and maintenance. We have extensive experience across Body Control Modules, Seat control modules, Climate control modules, etc.

    Our Services

    • MBD and Autocode generation
    • Product Design Engineering Services
    • Testing Services

    In-vehicle content in modern automobiles is growing exponentially. Car owners are demanding more customized, feature-rich information systems – instrument clusters, infotainment, rear seat entertainment, telematics, etc… Reconfigurable HMIs, Consolidation of displays, Information prioritization, and Smartphone connectivity are some of the major trends in this space.

    SoftDEL service offerings portfolio across driver information systems include Product engineering, HMI design and development, and Software testing and maintenance.

    Our Services

    • Product design Engineering Services
    • HMI Consulting services
    • HMI design and Business logic development
    • HMI platform development/porting on Embedded Linux
    • HMI Tools expertise – Qt/QML, HTML5, SVG, QNX, Altia, Linux/Android
    • Testing Services


    Model Development, MILS and SILS Testing

    Client : Leading Japanese Automotive OEM

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